Moral values instilled during the formative stages of life go on
to serve as a firm foundation for one to lead a fruitful life.

To this end, we empower groups of children and youth from the economically backward strata with foundational values and life skills.

This will enable them to earn self-respect, security, and prosperity as a valued member of their society.


The children and youth under our wings are encouraged to shape a better future for themselves by rediscovering meaning in their lives by actively participating in our formative programs 'EMPOWER' & 'ENRICH'.





Values are the core beliefs that define us as human beings and help us to create the future we want to experience. The Upper Room focuses on nurturing, imbibing and incorporating a value system that will play an integral role in the participant's all-round growth and development. Through a variety of mediums such as interactive webinar discussions, creative camps, collaborative musicals and many more enrichment programs we strive to imbibe the core values that affect a person's motivation, character and attitude thus creating a fulfilling sense of purpose in life.

  • Collective identity
  • Respecting the identity of the other, in terms of ethnic diversity, religion, culture and spirituality.
Critical thinking

Inculcating the attitude of intellectual discipline to rationalize, identify and accept different perspectives

Collaborative effort

Encouraging teamwork and empathy through collaboration, interaction and communication.

A socioeconomic disadvantage often provokes children, youth, and young adults to quit education and resort to drug or alcohol abuse which become barriers to lifelong learning. We aim to curb this by providing them with the necessary help and support, both financially and emotionally, in bridging this socioeconomic gap that separates them from their future vocations. A keen emphasis is also placed on inculcating life skills, while staying constantly connected and shepherding them to develop a positive behaviour that will help them deal with life's challenges.

  • Back to School

  • Mitigating the gap in education by assisting underprivileged dropouts resume their education after prolonged gaps
  • Skill development

  • Facilitating the transition to work through employment linked skill training for underprivileged youth
  • Enrichment programmes

  • Broadening students' educational experience through activities that promote leadership, teamwork and collaboration

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