I am a story and you are a story. 

Beautiful in the end, ugly in-between and sometimes uninteresting.

Stories shape our lives. The Upper Room (TUR) is our faith story. 

We at TUR look at Faith: Faith that is weak, Faith that is strong or Faith that is sometimes nonexistent.

We are invited to the room: to listen to a neighbor, to listen to his/her faith journey, and also to speak our own story through the lens of 'No Judgment'.

You and I are the sum and culmination of our experiences. What could be more beautiful than the experience itself? TUR is about experiences. Experiencing God outside, God within you and God in others.

Sounds vague? Maybe it is because if The Upper Room experience is summed up in words alone, it would be a bit unjust.

Join us as we speak and exchange ideas on Faith; with our differences, we can either draw a wall that separates us or a bridge that connects.

Let's chat over some coffee, as I learn from you and you learn from me, have some fun and exchange ideas on Theology. On faith; on that God you adore and the one I love. On religion, on spirituality, on life, and more.

Our experiences can either lift us up or clamp us down.

You are invited to share yours.

For specifics read on:

  • We meet once a year offline and interact regularly online.

  • We have launched our blog where we will curate your stories that you willingly share with us and discuss our (judgment-free) opinions in the comments below.

  • We like to tread on things uncomfortable, beliefs questionable, and the evident truth.

  • We invite you to share your stories through our blog.

That's that for now!