I'm an european, catholic christian and was raised as such, but there's another belief system I grew up in. I was also raised believing in science, the knowledge it offers and the certainty by which it can explain the world around us. And it is of good use as such, but also prone to a narrow view of the...

This is my story. Even now, sometimes I fail, sometimes I am great, sometimes I am in-between, but every single day in my heart I know this truth.

Beginning of August, each year, The Upper Room embarks upon a spiritual journey to enrich and nourish various distinct 'faith stories' of individuals across the country. With its ideas and motives of elevating the minds and hearts, especially of the youth, the community grows, providing space for each to open up from within. In the doing, not only...


I am a story and you are a story. Beautiful in the end, ugly in-between and sometimes uninteresting.